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Simplifying your path in the world of Entrepreneurship

Are you taking your first steps in the world of entrepreneurship?

InterHub is where you'll find support for funding, new customers and a community of other business owners.


The Platform that will help you

No matter where you are, InterHub helps you overcome barriers by providing personalized help so you can build your path and reach your goals.


Join to others small business owners

InterHub believes in you – women, men, people of color, schooled or uneducated, the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities and all entrepreneurs who want to make changes. 



Own your small business adventure

No matter what level of development your company is at, look no further for everything you need to launch, finance, grow and manage your great idea.


Make the critical initial decisions to get your business up and running.


Open the door to new sources of funding, from urgent donations to equitable loans.


Build an audience of enthusiastic followers, fans, customers and subscribers.


Plan and strategize and implement proven systems to lead your team to success, the way you define it.

All entrepreneurs have an adventure to learn.

InterHub's heroes are small business owners like you, breaking new ground to accomplish the extraordinary.