InterHub Portugal is a non-profit association that advocates that anyone can be an entrepreneur if they want to.

We are a HUB of dreamers, idealists, visionaries and entrepreneurs willing to to break down the barriers of exclusion, social inequality, racism, classicism and prejudice.

Above all, we believe in inclusive entrepreneurship, and in this pyramid from bottom to top there should be no difficulties in accessing opportunities, regardless of gender, skin color, age, education and sexual orientation.

We connect companies, startups and incubators with the purpose of generating data, qualified information, qualification and training for the validation of innovative businesses, making investment accessible to the entire business ecosystem.

Our Mission
Support for inclusive entrepreneurship through a support network and connections, promoting the economic and social sustainability of companies in Portugal.

Our Vision
Create and be recognized as the biggest HUB for innovation, entrepreneurship and social impact in Portugal by 2025.

Our Values

– People first: we always prioritize people.

– Democratization of information: everyone must have access to quality information.
– Collaboration and Connectivity: we have developed a united collaborative network..
– Social Sustainability : our focus is to reduce social inequalities and promote quality of life through access to information.
– Inclusion: from everyone to everyone.
– Create value: we foster entrepreneurship through information.


Ele saiu da periferia, abriu empresa na Europa e agora ajuda a empreender em Portugal

Há sete anos, Edgard Marcondes, 32, saiu da periferia de São Paulo para morar na Europa. Hoje, é fundador do Grupo Let’s Go, focado em intercâmbio de brasileiros no exterior, e da Associação International Hub, que nasceu de um grupo no Facebook e agora faz a ponte para brasileiros que querem empreender em Portugal.